Warm Up Cream Formula EP5

An invigorating cream formulated for sport and exercise combining five key elements; sodium bicarbonate, magnesium, caffeine, a mild warmth, and a blend of natural ingredients to protect the skin from the rain, wind and cold. With a fresh scent and a silky smooth, breathable texture this is where athlete performance meets skin science.
Good to Know

Key Ingredients and properties


A gentle and comfortable warming agent with a low irritation profile that lasts for ages

Castor Seed & Macadamia Seed Oil

Two protective, breathable oils that complement skin sebum and provide an effective barrier to the elements

lime, grapefruit & Sweet Orange

These ingredients smell divine, are high in antioxidants and have anti-bacterial properties that will help protect and repair your skin

Sodium Bicarbonate, Caffeine & Magnesium

Evidence based ingredients that help invigorate, stimulate and prepare the skin and body for exercise and sport

Some of my best performances have been when I felt really warm and ready. The Premax Warm Up Cream does that and there's a positive mind-shift when that happens.

Peter Bol

Olympic 800m Runner and Australian National Record Holder

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