We’re excited to announce that a brand-new massage video series featuring four-time Australian Olympic Soft Tissue Therapist Stuart Hinds is here. The series has just been launched on YouTube and a series of 11 educational videos will be released over the month of April. 

This new series which is suitable for both professionals and amateur ‘at-home’ therapists consists of three sections – clinical massage, pre-event massage and post-event massage, and also features prominent Australian athletes as the lucky massage recipients including riders from the Giant Racing Team and professional triathlete and physiotherapist Grace Thek. 

The first video is now live on YouTube where Stuart demonstrates some soft tissue therapy techniques for the anterior muscles of the neck. 

If you’d like to follow the series, please subscribe to the Premax YouTube Channel and hit the bell icon so you’re sent a notification when each new video is released.
One of the highlights of the series is how Stuart combines various Premax products to get the ideal amount of traction and key ingredients onto the skin for different soft tissue therapy styles and applications.

Enter the Massage Video Competition!

You can also join in the soft tissue fun this month and create your own videos using Premax for massage and go into the draw to win a $500 gift voucher on the Premax online store.

Upload your massage or self-massage video onto TikTok, Instagram or Facebook, use the hashtag #premaxmassage and go into the draw to win!

Videos will be judged by the Premax team and we’re looking for videos that are both informative and entertaining! 

Winners will be announced on Monday 2nd May.  Get creative folks!