formulated to work with your skin not against it

We help athletes perform

Premax is an athlete-engineered performance skincare range formulated for people participating in sports and exercise. Our products are developed from high quality ingredients designed to enhance therapy, recovery and performance. Formulated to work with your skin, all our products are long lasting, skin conditioning and breathable, so you can focus on your performance while we take care of the rest. 

What makes us different?


Made in Australia

Tested on Athletes Not Animals


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My Clients love it!

Mitch Baker

It's really good to use, and definitely don’t need to use as much compared to previous creams and oils. Really nice consistency and feel when treating. Had so many comments from clients saying how nice it smelt too!

Life Saver!

Katya Crema

As an outdoors athlete, Premax Weather Defence Facial Cream is my life saver in the elements. As a skier and cyclist, I am exposed to bad weather conditions for hours at a time. I find this cream to be breathable and importantly last throughout the day without feeling thick or heavy.

Best Sunscreen I have ever used!

Gina Ricardo

I use this every day – literally the best sunscreen I have ever used, and I use it every time I leave the house for a ride. It’s non-greasy (for reals) and feels great on your skin, plus actually stays on despite water/sweat. The new small packaging is great too for taking with you on the road, or when travelling.


Anthony Mckergow

Since graduating I have tried many mediums to achieve the right tactile grip or feel while treating. Activate has this in spades. I can actively engage tissue without worrying about the tissue becoming too slippy under the fingers/palm/forearm. Thank you Premax.

Game Changer!

Damien Brown,

I have used the cream a few times and it’s seriously amazing! It allows me the opportunity to get straight back into training the next day. It’s an absolute game changer in the recovery world!!

Next Level Product!

Brodie Chapman

This is next-level product, and will no doubt go down as the cream that changed the game for sports creams. I no longer have to put up with greasy heat or magnesium creams. It boosts my performance and protects my skin. Just awesome!

This Stuff is Different!

James Downing,

It worked very well. No burn to the skin, no irritation or discomfort. The muscles were kept warm and were able to function very well under the conditions.

Protection on the Water

Eliza Solly

I feel confident putting on Premax Sports Sunscreen that I am protected from the sun and I won’t be left with clogged pores or any redness after a long day on the water. The water resistant qualities are also superior so I can trust that no product will run into my eyes when wet.

Lighter and fresher legs

Laura Vainionpää

I’ve been using the cream now for about a week and I just love it! First of all already the smell is nice when you open the tube. Ive been using it for my legs in the evening after work and training and it gives my legs lighter feeling and they feel more fresh! Also my skin feels so smooth and soft after using it! :) It is definitely part of my recovery routine already now.

What a refreshing change!

Juncal Roman

What a refreshing change Premax is. High quality creams that give just the right amount of slip and grip whilst also being brilliant on the skin. My dancers and acrobats certainly notice and appreciate the difference. It’s all I use now.

Perfect for long rides!

Marie-Louise Kertzman

Love the smell and texture of this cream - it's perfect for long rides and days in the saddle. I no longer worry about chafing or soreness since using this cream - thank you!