Weather Defence Facial Cream


An exercise-specific, facial cream that protects the skin, acting as a barrier against harsh, cold, and windy weather conditions. Packed full of natural oils, extracts and emollients, this amazing cream will keep your skin protected, nourished and hydrated no matter what nature dishes out.

Can be paired with Premax Sunscreen for Sport SPF 50+ for the ultimate protection.

Good to Know

Key Ingredients and properties

Castor Seed & Macadamia Seed Oil

Two protective, breathable oils that complement skin sebum and provide an effective barrier to the elements.

Rosehip Oil & Sweet Orange Peel Oil

Packed with essential fatty acids and high in Vitamin C these two wonders boost skin renewal and skin cell repair

Aloe Vera & Lavender Oil

Two tried and trusted natural ingredients that soothe skin

Shea Butter

High in fatty acids and vitamins, shea butter soaks into skin creating a moisture-sealed barrier keeping your skin hydrated, soft and enhancing repair

The Weather Defence cream is my weapon of choice when it comes to extreme conditions. Protecting my skin from the rubbing of my goggles and helmet on my face as well as protecting from chilblains and frost-nip when I am training in sub zero conditions. It is lightweight and doesn’t leave a greasy film, and is the perfect partner to the Sports Sunscreen to complete my daily skin protection.

Sami Kennedy Sim

2 x Winter Olympian

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